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About Us

Pink N Paw is a feel-good, cheerful pet lover’s boutique from Virginia Beach with a confident, feminine feel with affordable prices! We're entirely online, and of course open 24hrs.

We offer a little bit of everything pet themed from funny mugs to adorable pet bandanas and clothes of all sizes. If you are looking for a casual tote bag or a trendy pet lover dress to show off your love and confidence, we have got you covered!

We opened in September 2019, to bring the world beautiful pet the/med gifts and clothes to make you feel special, confident, and most importantly excited to share your love of pets. I’m thrilled to help you show off your best friends and bring more love into the world. Pink N Paw strives to connect pets and their people and share our love of pets with the world.

We are excited this beautiful boutique is not just a gift and clothing shop, but also a proud supporter of animal rights. You will be happy to know that with each purchase you make you are supporting the end of a pet homelessness and helping keep pets healthy and happy all over the United States!

All of the pieces from our shop have been designed by me, with the pet owner in mind!

Cats off to you for reading this far!


Allison Oudie


Allison Oudie, Owner

End Pet Homelessness


Support Your Local Shelters


8 million pets have been adopted with the help of Petsmart Charities. They have also granted over 100 million dollars to spay and neuter programs. We want to help their mission by strengthening our communities through pets.


When you buy our products you're donating 10% to PetSmart Charities. Shop to end pet homelessness! 


Don't forget to check the donation box!



Support the pets in your local area. Shelters are always in need of funds, blankets, toys, food, and cleaning supplies.


Volunteering is another great way to support your local shelter. Sign up to walk the shelter dogs, feed, and groom, or give them baths. You will love your time together almost as much as they will.



Foster and adopt today!



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