Our Story

Hi, I'm Allison!

I'm the founder of Pink N Paw, and I wanted to share with you why I started my small business in the first place.

It all starts after I gave birth to my first baby. Unfortunately my daughter was born extremely early and it required her to have an extended NICU stay.

While my baby girl was in the hospital, I was feeling very depressed and anxious. Not only worried about her health, but I was plagued with the guilt of not being with her 24/7. To help myself I went to therapy, and was given the advice to look for hobbies and activities that would bring me some small piece of happiness.

One of the best stress relievers I found was hanging out with my dogs: petting, playing, and cuddling with my boys really helped lift me out of my dark moods. They helped lesson the anxiety and allowed me to function and stay strong through the long NICU stay.

After long last my baby girl was able to come home! I knew as I brought her into our home and introduced her to the dogs, that they loved her too. 

Finally, being out of the NICU for a few months,  I decided I wanted to share my story with the world about how my animals (and family) helped me through such a heartbreaking situation, but I didn't know how. I tried... and failed to start a blog. With that not working I looked for something else.

I discovered a way to combine my passion for animals and my love of art, and began creating digital pet designs! Soon after I figured out how to make shirts and other items with my designs printed on them.

Now I knew how to spread my mission! By creating Pink N Paw and selling my pet lover gifts and apparel to bring happiness to people through their love of pets.

Our Mission

Here at Pink N Paw our mission is to bring pet lovers beautiful animal themed gifts and apparel that make them feel special and bring them happiness through hard times.

 I am also ecstatic to let you know that this beautiful boutique is not just here to spread happiness to humans, but we are also a proud supporter of animal rights. So know that by shopping here at Pink N Paw you are supporting the end of pet homelessness and helping keep pets healthy and happy all over the United States... and beyond!



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When you shop here you are supporting a dream!

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We help pets through fundraising and donations on and off our site!

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The team that brings you Pink N Paw, is still small and mostly 4 legged! Check out the best employees you will ever see!


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Boss Kitty

Allison Oudie

Boss Lady

Hi, I'm Allison

I'm the Owner and Chief Visionary Officer who creates animal themed gifts and apparel that lets pet lovers  feel special and brings them happiness through hard times.

I’m thrilled to help you show off your best friends and bring more love into the world. 

-Dog & Cat Mama,
-Guinea Pig & Turtle Mama,
-Girl & Boy Mama,
-Coffee Addict,
-Harry Potter Nerd

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